Nordic conference in 18th-century studies 2017

The Eighteenth-Century: Past and Present
Uppsala 12–14 October 2017


In October 2017 the Swedish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies will host the second Nordic conference in eighteenth-century studies. It will be held in Uppsala and is expected to attract between 80 and 100 participants from a wide range of disciplines within the Humanities. We now invite all who may be interested to submit proposals for posters, individual presentations, thematic sessions and panel discussions no later than 31 March, 2017.

The Society welcomes all topics relevant to eighteenth-century studies, but we especially want to encourage proposals that relate to the conference theme (see below), that have a markedly Nordic dimension and/or that deal with digitisation and digital access to primary sources and scholarship. To some extent we consider the Nordic and the digital as related, since one of the aims of the conference is to facilitate an exchange of information and experience between scholars from different Nordic countries about the issues raised by the impact of digital technology on eighteenth-century studies.

Conference theme: “The eighteenth century: past and present”

The overall theme of the conference is “The eighteenth century: past and present” (“1700-talet – då och nu”), a formula that points to several different but related aspects. First, one aim is to highlight what “the eighteenth century” as a concept, historical period and unit of analysis has meant and how it has been understood at various points in time in each of the Nordic countries up until today, outside as well as within academia. Second, it refers to how we as scholars of this period today understand its significance and characteristics both on a synthesising level and in more specialised, detailed analyses of key processes, structures and actors. Finally, “past and present” evokes the more or less direct parallels that we may (or may not) detect between the eighteenth century and our own time; one such parallel may be the impact of rapid developments in technology and media on the conditions of public discourse and social communication as well as issues of freedom of speech, tolerance and copyright.

Submission of abstracts

Proposals should be sent via email to ncecs17@1700-tal.se by 31 March, 2017, either as plain text in the message itself (preferred) or as a PDF attachment. Abstracts should be in English or a Scandinavian language, include a topic title, describe the proposed contribution in no more than 250 words and state the name, email address and, if applicable, affiliation (department and organisation) of a contact person. For contributions involving more than one person it may be an advantage, but is not required, to provide names, affiliations and topic titles for all of the participants.

What happens next?

Notices of acceptance or rejection will be sent out around 15 April, 2017. In putting together the programme our goal is to be as inclusive as possible, but to the extent that a selection is necessary it will be based on an overall assessment of quality and relevance as well as considerations of representation and diversity in various respects. Those whose proposals have been accepted will be asked to confirm their participation and, when relevant, submit the names of other participants in thematic sessions and panels by 15 May, 2017. A preliminary version of the full conference programme will be circulated in late June 2017.

The Society intends to publish a selection of conference contributions in the Nordic yearbook Sjuttonhundratal for 2018. More details about this will be provided later.

The conference website can be found at www.1700-tal.se/ncecs17. For any questions that remain, please send an email to ncecs17@1700-tal.se.

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